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Guaranteed Visitors / General Update / More!

  • Hello Mappers!


    Our Guaranteed Visitor queue is no more! This product is now available for purchase again. Grab them while you can because once the queue gets too large, they will be Sold Out again!

    Guaranteed Visitors are one of our most popular products. Advertisers love knowing that they are guaranteed to get visitors eyes on their products and services.

    Building on this premise, we have an exciting addition coming to MAP within a few months! More details will be released on our blog very soon. We are in the final stages of development and then it’s off to our programmers to make it real. Think> Guaranteed Visitors at ROCK BOTTOM prices (with a 10-20 second view), a fun and exciting way to way earn INSTANT cash to your MAP account balance, AND a chance to hit an ever-increasing LIVE JACKPOT. It’s a new form of advertising and the first of its kind!



    From concept to creation, and from creation till now, MAP is just over 1 year 8 months old, having been online for just over 8 months, and we are as strong as ever! Leaders all over the world are making MAP THE way to advertise and earn an online income. We have always kept our promises and continue doing everything we can to deliver on our Mission Statement;

    - Help users build their streams of income over a lifetime, not months.

    - Create and deliver high quality products that are effective and have value.

    - Ensure our customers are satisfied with our services and consistently improve according to feedback.

    - Maintain and consistently improve upon our system, a system which does not depend on new sign-ups to maintain payouts, and therefore reward members based on participation, not their join date.

    After having a conversation with one advertiser on MAP the other day, it was actually revealed and shown to me through a screen-share that this particular person was actually making MORE money (a lot!) using the credits that come with Credit Packs by advertising and hence, selling other products, than they were from the 20 minute PS payments. Wow! Folks if you are not utilizing the services you are purchasing, you are throwing money away!

    It always has been a Priority of mine to ensure the products we sell are of high value. The argument has been made that by paying members to look at ads, that makes the ads less effective. I beg to differ! Advertising is more a numbers game than anything else. Every single day, our members are making real sales to real people using the services we offer. Building lists, creating additional sources of revenue, and truly succeeding in online business.

    This was and still is the founding principle upon which MAP was created. Pay members FIRST. Give them the income flow they desire and provide them with a platform from which to build continued success, which pays dividends to both MAP as a Company and MAP as a unified one people with one goal> Success in all areas of life!

    You see, we know that so long as we continue to do right by our members, they will continue to do right by us. Our advertising platform goes full circle;

    • Pay our members FIRST (before ourselves) for requiring them to log in daily and surf = higher traffic rankings for MAP
    • Higher traffic rankings = More exposure for our site.
    • More exposure for our site = New advertisers/buyers
    • New advertisers/buyers = New sales (for MAP and Advertisers)!
    • New Sales = Happy Advertisers
    • Happy Advertisers = More cashflow for MAP
    • More cashflow for MAP = The ability to keep paying our members FIRST!

    You see? Full circle! We are all in this together. Thank you all for your continued support!

    STP Update

    We know some of you are patiently awaiting the ability to withdraw using STP again. And I promise, that ability is coming back. Due to some unforeseen circumstances over the last few weeks (internal issues), we have not go around to programming our new $500 per week per member filter. I am submitting this tomorrow for programming. I cannot give a timeline until I have head back from our programming team (they have schedules too). So it’s just a matter of them working it in their schedule.

    In Honor of the late, great Robin Williams (one of my favorite actors);


    That’s all for now folks. Speaking for everyone on our Management Team, we thank all of you for making MyAdvertisingPays your Primetime advertising partner!

    CEO & Founder
    It PAYS to be on the MAP!

    Guaranteed Visitors / General Update / More! (Map-News)

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