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What a Year! Onward We Go!

  • Hello everyone!

    Wow, Happy Birthday MAP! December 13th we celebrated our first year online. We have learned so much over the last year. Like any new company, we’ve had our ups and downs but in the end, we’ve always come out on top a better company. Its been a real pleasure to hear so many success stories from all of you!

    Our foundation is now solid so that begs the question, now what? Well, I’m glad you asked! Introducing our first new product launching January 2015…

    MAPs Jackpot Wheel

    This new and exciting fun game is a first of its kind! Advertisers will be able to purchase Wheel Guaranteed Visitors and our members, in exchange for viewing those advertisements for 10 or 20 seconds will earn the right to spin the Wheel for a chance to win anywhere from $0.01 all the way up to whatever the Jackpot happens to be! Here’s how it works;

    An advertiser purchases 1000 Wheel Guaranteed Visitors and submits their website. Once accepted, their site goes into rotation. A portion of each purchase goes into the Live Jackpot. Then, any MAP member worldwide can Spin the Wheel, but first, they have to view an advertisers website that’s in rotation for 10 or 20 seconds. Once the view is complete, the Wheel will spin! If you win a cash prize, its instantaneously added to your Available Account Balance! It’s that simple!

    We have made this product very valuable to the advertiser in many ways.

    Here are just some of the benefits you will receive as an Advertiser;


    • 30% Cash-Back to whomever purchases the most Visitors per month, deposited straight into your Available Account Balance on the 1st of the month! 15% Cash-Back to the second most purchases, 10% to the third and 5% to the fourth! We love rewarding our serious advertisers!
    • Guaranteed Visits to your product or services.
    • Must view programming; Your ad must be viewed for the countdown timer to work. As soon as a viewer looks at another tab or window, the counter stops working and will not resume until the viewer is focused on YOUR advertisement!
    • Recently Viewed Advertisements; When a viewer is playing the Wheel game, the last 20 sites that they have viewed will populate into a Recently Viewed section and will remain there until it drops off the bottom. This means that even after the player has stopped playing the game, YOUR site will remain on their screen so they can easily navigate back to it if they want!
    • Lightning fast delivery of your visitors; You need not worry about how long it will take to receive what you pay for. Our game players are itching to view your ads now!
    • Diversity of Viewers; Each viewer can only look at a small number of sites per day, guaranteeing your site will be viewed by many different members from all over the world!
    • Open in New Tab; When a viewer sees your advertisement and they become interested in taking action or reviewing it further, they can simply click a link to open it in a new tab so they can continue to play the game and come back to your website after playing!

    It’s a NO-BRAINER!! And a win-win if there ever has been one. Our already established Pop-Under Guaranteed Visitor product literally sells out within an hour or two of being opened for sale. That means over 100,000 hits are purchased so in order to deliver those hits to our advertisers in a timely fashion, we take them off the shelf until the current ones in queue have been delivered. Not anymore! Wheel Guaranteed Visitors will NEVER be sold out! Over the last year, we have sold over 1 Million Guaranteed Visitors and that’s with selling them for only about one hour, once per week! WOW!

    This is just the first of other planned products that’s going to be launched in 2015. Now that our foundation is strong, its time now to focus on product development and value oriented services aimed to ensure our entrepreneurs have the most chance of success possible.

    Looking back at our first year online, our stats are simply mind-boggling! Here are some of the highlights!

    As of December 1st;

    Internal Stats
    Surf Clicks in our Traffic Exchange: 252,456,984

    Banner Impressions: 290,155,378

    Over 80,000 members worldwide from 232 countries

    In perspective, that’s 480 surf clicks per minute, 551 banner impressions per minute, and 219 new members each and every day!

    Analytics Since Launch
    Analytics since launch2
    The word of the day is just WOW. I am truly blessed to have been afforded the support of all of our members worldwide, and the success that support has produced for everyone. Today, MAP is a product of the collective effort of everyone. We wouldn’t be where we are today without all of you. Thank you, and here’s a toast to yet another brilliant year!


    CEO & Founder
    It PAYS to be on the MAP!



    What a Year! Onward We Go! (Map-News)

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