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MAP’s Jackpot Wheel Update

  • Hello everyone!

    What an exciting start to the New Year! We have been hard at work developing new products and getting our new MAP’s Fortune Wheel thoroughly tested and ready for launch. Here’s what we’ve been up to and what you can expect in the near term!

    Fortune Wheel Game

    We have been testing our Wheel game for the last couple of weeks. We completed our first round of testing and now have opened Beta Testing to a select few of our membership located around the world. Things are looking absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with our progress. Our last round of bugs are being worked out now and I expect this new innovative product/game to launch site-wide within the next couple of weeks.

    Advertisers can purchase either 1000 ten-second views or 1000 twenty-second views at very competitive prices. When their site goes into the rotation, one of our members that’s playing the Wheel game will view one of the sites in rotation and once the view has been completed, the Wheel will spin! The game player can win anyone of the prizes on the Wheel, wherever it stops, that’s your prize!

    Cash prizes are instantly and automatically added to your Available Account Balance. It’s just that simple! Oh yea, and it’s absolutely FREE to play! Here’s the most recent screenshot of the Spin Wheel page;

    Spin Wheel screenshot

    This product has amazing value to anyone looking to get their product/service in front of our motivated membership.

    Here are just some of the benefits that an advertiser will receive;

    30% Cash-Back to whomever purchases the most Visitors per month, deposited straight into your Available Account Balance on the 1st of the month! 15% Cash-Back to the second most purchases, 10% to the third and 5% to the fourth! We love rewarding our serious advertisers!

    Guaranteed Visits to your product or services.

    Must view programming; Your ad must be viewed for the countdown timer to work. As soon as a viewer looks at another tab or window, the counter stops working and will not resume until the viewer is focused on YOUR advertisement!

    Recently Viewed Advertisements; When a viewer is playing the Wheel game, the last 20 sites that they have viewed will populate into a Recently Viewed section and will remain there until it drops off the bottom. This means that even after the player has stopped playing the game, YOUR site will remain on their screen so they can easily navigate back to it if they want!

    Lightning fast delivery of your visitors; You need not worry about how long it will take to receive what you pay for. Our game players are itching to view your ads now!

    Diversity of Viewers; Each viewer can only look at a small number of sites per day, guaranteeing your site will be viewed by many different members from all over the world!

    Open in New Tab; When a viewer sees your advertisement and they become interested in taking action or reviewing it further, they can simply click a link to open it in a new tab so they can continue to play the game and come back to your website after playing!

    The fact is, our current Pop-Under Guaranteed Visitor product is so popular, it sells out in less than an hour after opening it for purchase to our advertisers! Since we will have practically a never-ending supply of Wheel Spinners, the Wheel Guaranteed Visitor product will never sell out! The benefits to MAP and her membership as a whole with the addition of this game can not be understated. We are SO excited to launch the MAP’s Fortune Wheel!

    Upcoming Products

    With the launch of the Wheel game, there will be a brand new Premium Banner product available for purchase. Only one banner be shown on the entire Spin Wheel page as you can see in the screenshot of the Spin Wheel page shown above. Only 15 slots will be available for purchase so this ensures your banner will receive tons of impressions!

    Premium Banner

    The Wheel page will undoubtedly be visited by thousands of people from all around the world on a regular basis. So there is no better place to have your leaderboard banner!

    We will also be launching a brand new Product Spotlight banner/video product soon after the Wheel is fully launched. This new service will be sold at a premium because only one 250×250 banner will be displayed during the entire time slot purchased and it will be prominently displayed on every single members dashboard site-wide!

    Over the last month, the Dashboard page was loaded 2.2 million times! Here is the statistic out of our Analytics platform;

    dashboard impressions

    So to work out the math, that’s approximately 74,400 impressions per day! With that type of exposure you can all but guarantee a successful advertising campaign! Here is a mockup of the product placement;

    product spotlight

    Other product ideas being explored are;

    Solo Ads
    Login Ads
    Pay Per Click Banners
    MAPSense (An ad publisher platform similar to AdSense)
    Banner Targeting
    Games of Skill

    And many more!

    As you can see, we are keeping our promises by making 2015’s sole purpose of developing innovative new advertising services our priority. We aim to provide a one-stop-shop that provides all of your advertising needs in one place, not to mention our top of the line affiliate and profit-sharing programs!

    We thank all of you that have supported us along the way and all of you that are new to our program. 2015 is shaping up to be one exciting year and we are so happy to share our success with all of you. After all, our success is because of all of you!


    CEO & Founder
    It PAYS to be on the MAP!



    MAP’s Jackpot Wheel Update + Other Products! (Map-News)

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